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Charlotte Kanter was the Marketing Director for the Victoria Falls Carnival for 8 years. During this time she noticed that the tourists that came to the Vic Falls loved gin. It was a hugely popular drink on safari, on the sunset cruise and for sundowners. Unfortunately your only options were international gins.


She had a dream to create a product that showcased how special Victoria Falls was. A product that could be enjoyed at the falls and taken home to spread the word globally. When COVID hit and all events were banned she decided it was time to focus on her dream. She began researching local ingredients and recipes to create the perfect African gin. After a year of testing different formulations the flavour we've come to love, Victoria Falls Gin,  was distilled. 

Victoria Falls Gin was founded in 2020 and now boasts fantastic local partners who are a part of this tale including Ian Gloss, owner of Liquorama who is the distribution partner, Blessing Munyenyiwe who is the operations partner and Mamma O, our beloved baobab partner. 

As the company grows we are committed to uplifting the local community by buying our ingredients locally and job creation. 

Be a part of our story. Follow #VictoriaFallsGin


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